It is a peer-reviewed publication journal that publishes original research in the field of language, science, commerce, social sciences or humanities and arts. This journal is accepting manuscript submissions from academicians, researchers, and practitioners from all fields of the language, science, commerce, social sciences or humanities and arts including those listed below, who would like their works to be considered for publication in the journal. The journal deals with following research areas: Bengali Language, English Language, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Commerce, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

The DNC Journal (ISSN:2583-5319) is an open access, peer-reviewed & refereed journal with a broad scope that covers a wide range of topics in language, science, social science application and technology among other things. Researchers, academicians, teachers, and other professionals from both academia and industry who desire to share latest breakthroughs and applications in their field of interest or knowledge should submit their work to ‘The DNC Journal’.

  • ‘The DNC Journal’ is published biannually (Two issues per year), and a final decision on each entry will be made within 30 days of the submission being received.
  • It is The DNC Journal’s primary focus to publish technical papers that should incorporate novel theoretical and/or experimental discoveries. Also eligible for inclusion in ‘The DNC Journal’ are review articles, instructional viewpoints, and communications expressing opinions or providing information regarding works that have appeared in prior editions of the journal.
  • It is the goal of ‘The DNC Journal’ to publish articles that communicate advancements, innovative implementations, and portions of on-going research in a variety of disciplines of interest to the research community.
  • It publishes original articles in a variety of language, science, social science, and artistic disciplines as well as in the domains of applied science, technology, and engineering.
  • ‘The DNC Journal’ also provides authors with a means of frequently publishing individual parts of their work that serve as the foundation for a variety of additional research, specific aspects of their research that are important but not closely related to the rest of their work, and specific parts of their work that can be used as citations, while still staying within the page limits of other journals.
  • A normal research paper published in ‘The DNC Journal’ is four pages long, although there is no limit to the number of pages that can be published. Apart from that, colour illustrations and photographs are acceptable, provided that they are of high quality.
  • An additional goal of ‘The DNC Journal’ is to provide authors with a venue for publishing and permanent referring papers that have been presented at international conferences that do not publish their proceedings, as long as the author retains ownership of the paper’s copyrights and the paper is still in his or her possession.
  • Furthermore, in contrast to most journals, ‘The DNC Journal’ accepts papers that describe negative findings and research failures because it believes that publishing negative results is valuable and saves other researchers a significant amount of time and effort across a wide range of disciplines or fields of knowledge.