Authors can send their distinguished research work in English or Bengali language to ‘The DNC Journal’ (ISSN:2583-5319). In order to encourage faculty members, researchers, and academicians to focus their efforts on written and published documentation, the journal’s primary mission statement is to: It should go without saying that our ‘The DNC Journal’ adheres to the following set of ethical principles:

  • Contributors send and submit articles/research papers by e-mail to [email protected] which will be reviewed and published.
  • Upon receipt of a research article, it is reviewed by our Editorial Board in accordance with the Journal’s policies and procedures, and then it is distributed to our peer–reviewers who have been assigned to certain subjects.
  • Whether or not the work is accepted is contingent on approval by the panel of reviewers. If the manuscript requires revision or change as a result of the review process, the authors are encouraged to resubmit the paper.
  • The opinions stated in the articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy of ‘The DNC Journal’. Furthermore, the contributor or author of the work will be held accountable for any information, concepts, or calculations that are copied without proper citation.
  • Following the release of the book, each author receives a printed copy through registered mail.
  • Papers submitted to ‘The DNC Journal’ must be entirely unique work, with no part of the study having been previously published elsewhere.
  • The use of information, quotes, or data from other sources should be properly cited and referenced.
  • If an instance of plagiarism is discovered after a paper has been published in ‘The DNC Journal’, the author who published the work will be responsible for any legal action.
  • ‘The DNC Journal’ shall retain ownership of the copy rights to the papers that are published in this journal.

Disclaimer: The thoughts and points of view presented are solely those of the writers, and neither the editorial board nor the publisher has any responsibility for them in any manner.